tiffany (tiffbot) wrote,

Don't wanna hear their HI's I don't feel Empty GOODBYES

Hay and i went Shoping and met Andle at work to go to Body we arrive at body worlds and they were like ONLY MEMBERS CAN enter and we were like WTF!!!!!!!!!!!! OUR ONLY DAY OFF TOTTALY RUINED!
SO we stood outside while hayley tried to ask people for their tickets hahahaha.....
then Black label society was supposed to be at hard rock or something or something...idk but they ended up not playing....then i forgot my aunts bday and felt like a ass BUT I DID NOT EVEN KNOW IT WAS FEB HAHAHAHAHAHA!
hung with my ma tonite and i saw my lil bro nick tonite and he's so cute...LOL HE WAS WEARING MY PINK PJ PANTS THAT I HAVE AT MY AUNTS HOUSE!!!! i also talked to my lil bro nateler on tha phone :(
i miss him!
Blah workin a fuckin double tom and dont have off til sat !
Yay money yay car!
OH AND hahaha
i guess my stepdad got all of his teeth removed!
My guess is to give Head hahaha he be smiling like a doughnut now hahaha
- Oh i got my tool ticket but i still owe andle money for it....and hay and i are rideing tha bus with everyone to vegas for SPUNK BREAK! YEAH!
I got new checkerd thigh highs and pretty pink fake eyelashes
and new vanilla lip gloss at walmart and a new tanktop but tha tank top is weird cuz like it got like one of those built in bra thangs ya know...weird but its pretty cute yo

*well this was merly amusing....i suppse that says it all really thanx for comeing and so forth
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