tiffany (tiffbot) wrote,


Talked to Branden and Endo is gone...I guess michelle took her to tha pound :( my mommasita :(
im gonna miss her so much
i have a cold and i don't like it at all uhhh
I ordered a phone a while ago and i just want it to come so i can fucking have it i want it soooooo bad!
seriously my nose wont stop runnin im annoyed.
my stud (lip ring is fucking with my gums cuz (this is my theory) i changed it to a hoop a few days ago and it swelled up and after 2 days it hurt so bad i had to re-change it to tha stud and from it being swollen it rubbed my mouth tha wrong way.
yeah so i bought myself a bday present...tha movie tha Departed i saw it in tha theaters and it b so good i think i wanna watch it in a bit. i work so much this week it is ridciouls but oh fuckn well MONEY MONEY MONEY....IM SO CLOSE TO GETTING MY CAR ITS SICK!...ill prolly have enuff after tom n tha next day depening on poop!
my foot asleep.
Hay n i worked a party tonite and i hate being up stairs cuz people be fuckin drinkin like it aint no thang but a chickin wang
im done.
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