tiffany (tiffbot) wrote,

Part your lips a bit more, I'll swallow your fear

Work was tiring yesterday...
I swear Zach from Avenged Sevenfold was sitting at my table...i still swear it was him. Y ou i should have really asked .
Oh Hayley and i bought grills....Yes GRILLS! Bling Blow fer yer mouth!
I Love hanging out with crazy fucking people, You know, tha kind that CANT BE CARIN like no matter what happeneds u Just Flip it off and Keep IT FUCKIN MOVIN....
I swear tha other nite is decribed as "MR. TOADS WILD RIDE".
I think Hayley and i are gonna go out tonite and cause some chaos in tha hood...What we do best.
i have this problem where i space out and think about stuff to my self i oragionally tuped (myspace)! hahahahahaha i have a myspace problem!...Ne ways yeah so ill be thinking to myself and then i come to and worry i was thinking out loud....i dont like that cuz my thoughts are ridiciouls and should not be heard.
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