tiffany (tiffbot) wrote,

Lable me, That's Fine, I'll be SOMEBODY Else. LIE about my LIFE...Have a Story to Tell

well went to work this morning...Jason picked me up and he's got satelite radio in hims new car and we fucking rolled up to work listening to old skool rap and guess what we heard....Yes KRISS KROSS BITCHES! IT WAS AWSOME
i made ok money today...split a 20 with Kelsy..i <3 her she so funny i was so busy all shift...i rolled my silverwear quick tho witch is weird!
i cant wait for Syd to open his present i hope he likes it

Saw my ma and bro tonite...hahaha i <3 them i feel no buano my back hurts so bad yo and i goth cramps so bad....but i not bleeding yet....
Than manager is pisseing me off cuz my package in tha office and she is NEVER DOWN THERE OHB SHE FUCKING BETTER BE DOWN THERE TOM!
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